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Item published December 7, 2017
"3M helped shape my own future as a scientist and a leader, and, with today's newest wide-ranging investments, together we will continue to drive Minnesota's culture of innovation, support a critically needed K-12 STEM pipeline, and educate the next generation of leaders. The university and 3M are ideal partners enhancing the vitality of this state while making a real difference across the globe."

Oracle Builds $43 Million Facility to Host Charter School 


News Item published December 6, 2017 operating expenses such as electricity and janitorial services. Oracle and school executives told the Times they had carefully worked out policies to ensure that the school will continue to operate.

Harvard Receives $12.1 Million for Service Leadership Program


News Item published November 15, 2017 , will continue to offer three postgraduate fellowships every year for seniors committed to a lifetime of service while also ensuring their access to skills development, mentorship, and peer community learning